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Innovative, Energy Efficient Lighting

LED Bloom, a technology innovation and energy efficient lighting products company focused primarily on commercial agriculture applications like vertical farm lighting, greenhouse supplemental lighting and hydroponic lighting Systems.

LED Bloom  specializes in energy efficient lighting for indoor farm animals like poultry, turkey, dairy & swine for all stages of growth.  Compared to traditional farm animal  lighting, LED Bloom’s systems can save you as much as 80% on monthly electricity.

Ready to Go?  LED Bloom has a Sales & Support team that can help you layout your next Grow Lighting Project or recommend what solution will maximize your returns and yields.

For more information, contact us today at (775) 309-3317.

  • LED Grow Lighting Luminaires

    LED lighting optimized for micro greens, herbs and vegetation provides the energy for maximum yields.  PhoGen luminaire designed for simplicity.

  • LED Lighting Spectrums

    Developing special and standard spectrums to improve life for all various plant, animal and human development.

  • Barn Animal LED Lighting

    Innovative Solutions for Farm Animal Breeding, Broiler and Layer LED lighting.

  • Grow Between Lighting

    Grow Between Lighting is designed for supplemental lighting within plants, helps create density and for fruiting at lower levels where light does not reach.