Vertical Farm Lighting

Vertical Indoor Farming is quickly becoming the preferred method of indoor growing based on it’s small footprint to yield ratio.   LED Lighting is the catalyst that helped Vertical Farmers maximize their vertical farms with low heat producing LED’s that produced enough energy and color spectrum for growth without the heat stress and burn other traditional lighting systems have.

LED Lighting systems has translated into new opportunities for vertical farmers with  hyper local, organic farm-to-table operations, especially if you throw in an assist from solar energy like many of LED Bloom’s systems.

The high cost of energy for traditional lighting has held the indoor farming market in check.  With the recent reduction in pricing of LED dies and components has opened up a new age for vertical farmers.  Traditional HID lighting’s high heat output also limited the size and vertical footprint because HID or Sodium lights have to be 18″-24″ above the top part of the crop.

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Helping You Get More Vertical

Led Bloom’s LED Photon Generator (PG) Lighting is a low profile, low heat, color spectrum corrected system that will allow you to add more verticals to your indoor harvest.

Our lights only require about 6-8″ clearance vs 18″-24″ with traditional light sources adding more space for crops.

Led Bloom’s LED PG Lighting will not only reduce your footprint, it will save you electricity costs and reduce maintenance from replacing lamps.

To discover why LED Bloom’s LED PG Lighting system is your best bet for higher and more productive Vertical Gardens.

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