We are ready to revolutionize the horticultural lighting market with the introduction of our unique Photon Generator luminaire. Its unique design uses a reflector to provide an even distribution of light which also acts as an effective heatsink. This passive cooling system does not need fans or any other active cooling devices to ensure longevity by keeping LED junction temperatures well below manufacturer’s recommendations.

Select from two mounting systems – height adjustable cable system for overhead lighting and carabiners for under shelf location in vertical farming applications.

Although individual lights have fixed spectra, A variety of light recipes for micro greens, leafy greens, flowering and fruiting applications are available. A unique full spectrum white light for cannabis is under development.


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  • LED
  • 250W to 300W depending on configuration
  • 300 PPFD at 12”
  • Product lifetime – 50,000 hours
  • Optimal spectral power distributions to promote growth dependent on plant species