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PonicPods are controlled growing environments made of structurally insulated building panels that utilize vertical Hydroponic growing systems. The customizable design offers new ways to construct turn-key farming facilities that are dedicated to providing urban agricultural solutions.


PonicPods offers a solution that will reduce negative impacts on the environment:

  • Closed looped hydroponic systems use 85% less water than traditional farming methods
  • Climate controlled environments allow production 365 days a year
  • Vertical growing systems allow farmers to grow 5 to 10 times more produce per acre than traditional farming methods
  • Urban farm solutions do not require tractors to farm land, thus reducing carbon footprint
  • Fresh, nutrient-packed produce that travels less than 300 miles farm-to-table

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Farming Solutions for the Future

The Brains

PonicPods offer an innovative commercial Vertical Farming solution. The solution integrates different Hydroponic growing techniques through a series of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) methods to create maximum yields and decrease farm labor hours. PonicPods will enhance plant growth by simulating the ideal growing environment with digital control systems. These control systems will control: temperature levels, humidity levels, CO2 levels, nutrient levels, PH levels, and other system requirements.

The Shell:

  Insulated panels provide near-perfect insulation
  Toxin-free environment, allows growth of organic crops
  Multi-purpose facility; versatile for all growing needs
  PonicPod specific design, structural engineering and on site assembly


PonicPods will offer LED Bloom’s latest LED Lighting Systems in their new Pods.

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