Commercial Greenhouse Lighting

The need to replace high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems in Greenhouses is greater then ever.   HID Lighting systems waste more than 50% of the energy they consume. This inefficiency costs large commercial facilities millions of dollars in electrical bills annually and to make matters worse, HID lamps were never designed to meet indoor crops’unique needs.

Led Bloom’s LED Grow Lights Systems offer a straightforward implementation process for phased lighting roll-outs, complete HID retrofits, and new LED fixture installations.

LED Blooms Lighting Systems are custom-designed to meet crops’ specific requirements.   With years of research and development behind the products, Led Bloom’s LED lights are precisely tuned to elicit maximum desired plant yields.

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Get More Bang for Your Buck

Replacing or adding to your existing Greenhouse lighting will boost crop yields, reduce your energy bill and often are eligible for utility rebates that accelerate your payback period.

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