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What is Hands+ ?

HANDS+ is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, silicon and alcohol free, all-in-one hand care system made up of various natural skin barriers. The liquid forms impervious protective layers on the skin which repel a wide range of soiling and damaging agents, protect against harsh chemicals, deodorize and prevent the spread of germs for up to eight hours. When applied, HANDS+ forms a protective glove on the skin within 1 to 2 minutes. Once formed, it will not leach. It has many additional uses including cleaning and sanitizing.

One of the layers formed after the application of HANDS+, is a very effective bacteriostatic (a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent). This invisible shield inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds, and assists in preventing cross-contamination and the spread of germs. HANDS+ does all this while allowing natural skin spores to perform their beneficial functions. It prevents stains and forms a barrier against the effects of chemicals and other damaging agents! HANDS+ includes gentle but very effective cleansing and releasing agents that “package” dirt and prevent it from bonding to the skin. There is no need for additional antibacterial soap, harsh or abrasive cleaners. Simply wash in cold or warm water, and apply again after washing.

HANDS+ is one of the few products that is strong enough to effectively kill germs, clean and sanitize most surfaces, yet gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene. The special ability of the formula to remove the most stubborn stains, combined with a gentle and friendly cleaning action makes it a real all-in-one, long-lasting antibacterial, protector, cleanser, deodorizer and moisturizer.



Key Features

tinyhlusis non-toxic, contains no alcohol or silicon, will not leach when dry and is environmentally friendly.

tinyhlusprotects and moisturizes while preventing dirt, grime grease and oil from bonding to the skin. Simply wipe off excess and wash in cold or warm water. It also deodorizes. No additional soaps or abrasives required. 1

tinyhlusinhibits growth of bacteria on hands for up to eight hours and has a residual antimicrobial effect even after washing! 1

tinyhlusIs listed by the FDA as a disinfectant under the OTC monograph and has been allocated the National Drug Code 0643475972.

tinyhlusmeets the criteria established by the USDA for nonfood compounds and is safe for use in horticulture, food production and food service. 2

tinyhlusis hypoallergenic, non irritant and inflammable. 1

tinyhlusmeets the most restrictive EPA pollution specifications  implemented in 2005 as it contains no volatile organic compounds [VOC’s].

tinyhlusassists in preventing cross contamination and the transfer of coliforms in agriculture and  food preparation. 1

1  Independent tests have been performed which support these statements.

United States Department of Agriculture has eliminated its prior approval program for nonfood compounds and proprietary substances. They have determined that our documentation will satisfy USDA inspectors of HANDS+ safety and suitability for use in food production and service.




1. Protects

2. Cleans

3. Moisturizes

4. Kills germs

5. Deodorizes

If you use your hands, you can use HANDS+