LedBloom’s 5 Channel Controller App

Welcome to the world of tunable LED grow lights which enable you to select a particular light recipe, apply it to a group of lights and feel safe that this will be applied to the lighting group on a daily basis without any action by the user.

This unique and sophisticated App creates a Bluetooth mesh network which can control up to 2000 fixtures, set up many lighting groups, memorize up to five light recipes, set on/off times and apply these to the grow area.

Subsequent versions will monitor up to 400 sensors including spectrum, CO2, pH, temperature, humidity, airflow and many more.

LEDBloom’s controller has caused a paradigm shift in thinking for indoor horticulturalists. This approach revolutionizes the market and allows growers to change light recipes rather than move plants as they pass through several life cycle events.

Create Groups
Assign Location

Create Recipes

Load Recipe

Save Recipe

Set Timer

Save Timer To Group