Energy Efficiency Savings Program

Even though the financial and social benefits are proven, converting your operation to LED Lighting can be very cost prohibitive.  Introducing the LED Bloom Energy Efficiency Savings Program (EESP). It was developed to help remove the financial barriers of savings offered by changing from conventional lighting to LED lighting. The process is simple; our EESP pays for the installation of Safety Approved (UL or ETL), Energy Star or Design Light Consortium LED lighting systems without any upfront costs for qualified customers

Our program recipients increase cash flows through a consistent monthly energy savings.  Versus traditional HID’s and Incandescent lights, LED lighting retrofits lower energy costs an average of 50-70% immediately. Our program recipients pay a percentage (70%) of the energy savings monthly for the term of the agreement while realizing an immediate 30%+ savings for their business with no upfront investment for the Lighting system . There are HVAC savings as well as savings on maintenance and disposal which will get the savings of the customer to approximately 40 to 45%.


EESP Benefits

  • No up-front capital cost: Medium and Large Businesses that qualify receive no hassle financing and guarantees by the owners.
  • All LED Lighting Solutions are Energy Star, Design Light Consortium, UL/ETL Approved and installed by LED Bloom subcontractors.
  • EESP Agreement term: 5-7 year Options: Available to take ownership of the lighting after the  5th-7th year for 1$
  • Fixed predictable monthly payments: A percentage of energy savings will ensure an increase in predictable cash flow.

Fixed predictable monthly payment: A percentage of energy savings ensuring increase in cash flow.

EESP Approval Process

LED Bloom provides a straightforward evaluation process that is designed to quickly assess overall feasibility and qualification. If preliminary review is positive, we will provide a proposal (term sheet) for the customer’s acceptance before proceeding any further and require a formal contract to start. This procedure allows flexibility in customizing a proposal based upon each transaction size and customer profile.


How the EESP Works

Getting Started is as Easy

  1. We conduct a thorough site survey, lighting audit, and collection of the last twelve months of electricity bills or with the existing energy consultant who first surveyed the site and identified the opportunity for savings.
  2. From this analysis we either design and provide an energy efficient LED lighting solution with or review the proposed system by the existing consultant or lighting contractor.
  3. We are assigned all rebates and other benefits and we own the installed systems for 5-7 years and then turn it over to the owner for 1$. A percentage of savings is then paid over the term determined by the life of the lamps.
  4. To make maintenance easier, the EESP Program also provides additional Lighting components covering replacements which maintains maximum efficiency and lowers maintenance costs.


For more information about the EESP, call LED Bloom at (775) 309-3317.