Company Focus

Optimizing plant growth, Nutritional Content, Look & Feel with increased energy savings by using the highest grade of LED technology & Engineered multi channel control systems.

Making Science Social

LEDBLOOM control systems are designed for growers to optimize plant growth by giving the plant just what it needs when it needs it. Essentially making all growers scientists and speed up the acceptability and ability to leverage monochromatic LEDs to grow all plant types for either consumption, nutritional additives or to appreciate their beauty.

Making it Rain

LEDBLOOMs cloud based control and monitoring system pays dividends. Growers are able to deploy sensors that work with our proprietary system to collect growing data in real time. Month in and out growers will be able to analyze this data to determine which growing conditions produced the greatest results.

Introducing GrowLink!


Grow Links germinating plants after just 1 week!

Our GrowLinks are perfect for inner canopy lighting and germination chambers. They can also be used for supplemental lighting if you need 660nm red or more 450nm blue.




  • 90-110vac
  • No adaptor (power supply) required
  • Easy
  • Waterproof for growing environments
  • Ideal for germinated, inner canopy lighting or supplemental lighting.