Micro-Greens | Fruit & Vegtable Lighting

Micro greens are herbs & vegetables harvested when they are quite young, generally at the first leaf stage of growth, but sometimes at the seed-leaf stage. Micro greens are most often grown in indoor greenhouses or other protective facilities due to the fragile nature of the product.

Because of their delicate nature, Micro Green’s do best under controlled conditions with the proper light spectrum.  There are many variables to maximizing yields and lighting plays a major factor.

If the light source is positioned too far from the crops, leginess or stretching or may occur. Crop color may also appear washed out when the lighting intensity is not sufficient.

Better Yields by Design

Traditional lighting sources cannot compete with the precise nature LED and other alternative lighting sources can achieve. LED Bloom has Micro Green & Fruit/Vegetable Lighting Systems that are specifically designed with the correct combination of color spectrum, intensity, and long product life.

Micro Greens, Indoor Fruit & Vegetable farming and it’s benefit to the global food source is increasing daily so companies who make the right decisions on their Lighting and Controls systems will ultimately be on the winning side of this unprecedented growth in the market for a variety of fruits and vegetables.


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